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Material:Plastic & metal 
Package Include: Fuel Pump Driver Module x 1,Mounting Screw x4 
Interchange Part Number: 590-001,4C2A9D372BA, 4C2A9D372BB, 4C2A9D372BC, 4C2A9D372BD, 4C2A9D372CA, 4C2Z9D372BA, 4L2A9D372AE, 4L2Z9D372BA, 4L349D370AA, 4L3Z9D370A, 5L1Z9D372AA, 5L8A9D370AA, 5L8Z9D372AA, 5L8Z9D372B, 5R3Z9D372BA, 5R3Z9D372CA, 5R3Z9D372DA, 6C2A9D372AA, 6C2Z9D372A, 6L1A9D372AD, 6L1Z9D372AA, 6L1Z9D372AD, 6L2Z9D372A, 6L8A9D372BA, 6L8Z9D372B, 6R3A9D372BA, 6R3Z9D372AA, 6R3Z9D372BA, 6W7A9D372CA, 6W7Z9D372AA, 6W7Z9D372BA, 6W7Z9D372CA, AC2Z9D372BA, Z9D370AA, ZZC018940 
Vehicle Fits: 2006-2010 Ford Crown V8 4.6L 
2004-2008 Ford E-150 V8 4.6L/V8 5.4L 
2004-2008 Ford E-250 V8 4.6L/V8 5.4L 
2004-2008 Ford E-350 V8 5.4L/V10 6.8L 
2004-2008 Ford E-450 V10 6.8L 
2005-2008 Ford Escape L4 2.3L/V6 3.0L 
2005-2008 Ford Expedition V8 5.4L 
2007-2010 Ford Explorer V8 4.6L 
2004-2008 Ford F-150 V8 5.4L/V8 4.6L/V6 4.2L 
2004-2010 Ford F-250 V8 5.4L/V10 6.8L 
2005-2010 Ford F-350 V8 5.4L/V10 6.8L 
2005-2008 Ford F-450 V10 6.8L 
2005-2010 Ford F-550 V10 6.8L 
2005-2006 Ford GT V8 5.4L 
2004-2008 Ford Lobo (Mexico) V8 5.4L/V8 4.6L 
2005-2010 Ford Mustang V6 4.0L/V8 4.6L 
2006-2008 Lincoln Mark V8 5.4L 
2005-2008 Lincoln Navigator V8 5.4L 
2006-2011 Lincoln Town Car V8 4.6L 
2005-2011 Mazda Tribute L4 2.3L/V6 3.0L 
2006-2011 Mercury Grand V8 4.6L 
2005-2008 Mercury Mariner L4 2.3L/V6 3.0L 
Notes: Please kindly cosider the following before placing an order:
Please confirm that your model fits this product.

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